Starting June 20th 2022

Watch Me Flip A House In Just 7 Days...


        I Will Do The Rest...

I'll find the best locations to buy a house in that city

I'll market to the best seller leads in that city

I'll make offers to sellers in that city

I'll put a killer deal under contract in that city

I'll have the house sold in 7 days or less for a huge profit in that city

You can watch me do everything live in my private Facebook group,
and even let you rip off & duplicate everything I do FOR FREE!!!

It's The Oldest Trick In The Book

Teach someone how to do something, by actually doing it right in front of their own eyes


The Details...

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On June 20th I will start going live in a private Facebook Group & on Zoom for all of those that choose to watch me flip a house in a city that I let you pick.


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I will send out a survey to everyone watching me in this challenge asking what city you would like to see my invest in.

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I will use my systems, technology, resources, and knowledge I've gained over the past 19 years to find a house to flip for a massive profit.

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You can invest right along side me in your market as I teach you exactly what I'm doing step-by-step.