The Best Time To Buy a Property On Subject To Financing

In this system, John Cochran is going to break down the best time to get involved and buy a property on subject to financing as a Real Estate Investor.


We have been doing MASSIVE tests on the best lists to buy to find subject to deals and I'm happy to report that buying an Absentee Owners list is THE HOTTEST list right now for doing a subject to deal(s)!!!


If you want to take it one step further and buy A LOT of properties on Subject To financing (like we are) then I would tell you to focus on getting a list of Absentee Owners that own multiple properties!


I have personally been putting a tremendous amount of focus in my own personal business targeting Absentee Owners with multiple properties for 2 reasons.


1. These are prime Subject To and owner finance deals. We don't have to come to the closing table with millions of dollars in financing!


2. We can buy properties in bulk. If you find 1 seller that is selling 10 properties it's actually easier and way cheaper to acquire that lead than to find 10 sellers to buy 10 properties!


If you want to see a very simple yet powerful website that we're using to buy properties in bulk you can go to


Lastly, You know that we're heavily focused on buying properties on Subject To financing in bulk. I'm happy to share a brand new postcard that we're about to mail to Absentee Owners with multiple properties. It's not tested yet, and I'll be reporting numbers on it shortly, but here's the postcard!

Package PC v2

I really enjoyed shooting this video for everyone on the best time to buy a property on Subject To financing!

The market is prime for these deals right now, so if you want to build wealth, focus your time and energy on learning every single thing you can about doing Subject To deals.

Until Next Time,


John Cochran
Systemate CEO
Active Real Estate Investor

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