5 Secrets To Make Your Ringless Voicemails Work (Almost Too Well)


A ringless voicemail (RVM) is a very effective way to market to new leads and/or follow up with existing leads. You can easily use the ringless voicemail technology in your real estate investing business to market to either motivated sellers or sell your properties to your buyer’s list.


The possibilities are endless and Systemate has ringless voicemail technology built right into our software.

Here’s how they work:


A ringless voicemail is a process where you can pre-record a message (one time), send that specific message out to your motivated sellers or buyers list, and drop that pre-recorded message right into the voicemail box of the person you’re calling. The caller will pick up their phone, see that someone left them a voicemail, and hear the message that you pre-recorded to them inside your Systemate account!


These can be a VERY effective way of marketing for Real Estate Investors so we’ve put together the top 5 secrets that will help you use RVM’s to your advantage.


Secret 1: You must be scripted but sound natural

You must have a purpose for your call and the best way to get your message across is to write out a script so that when you pre-record your message, you won’t forget any of your key points.

At the same time, since you should be reading from a script, you cannot sound like you’re reading. This is huge! You can have the best script in the world but if it sounds like you’re reading from a script, your ringless voicemail will bomb and make people very unhappy.


We found out that it’s best to record your voicemail, then listen to it. If you feel like it sounds scripted and that you’re reading then record it again. Repeat this process again and if you have to record a third time, throw your script to the side and read from bullet points. It’s impossible to sound scripted if you are talking from bullet points.


Everyone tends to hate their own voice so don’t let that lead you to believe that your voicemail isn’t good or it won’t work. The voice really does matter, it just needs to flow well, sound natural, and make sure you keep it under 40 seconds long!


Secret 2: Your ringless voicemails must be evergreen

You must keep in mind that whatever you pre-record in your message, it will be going to more than one person so you must write your script to be evergreen or make sense to a bunch of people! This means that you cannot say the person’s name or address if you’re marketing to a scrubbed list of motivated sellers. However, if you’re marketing a property that you own and have it for sale, you can absolutely say the address but again you will not be able to say the name of the person you’re leaving the voicemail for.


Here’s an example of what you would send to a list of motivated sellers…


“Hey it’s John, sorry that I missed you! Hey, I know this might seem random and out of the blue but I wanted to see if you’d be interested in selling a house that you own to me. Give me a call back, again my name is John and you can reach me back at XXX-XXX-XXX”


Here would be an example of a ringless voicemail to your buyer’s list on a property you own and have for sale…


“Hey it’s John Cochran and I have a super hot wholesale deal for you that I know you’re going to want. I’ve priced this beauty 60K lower than anything on the market so if you want a steal of a deal you can call or text me back here!”


You could stick the address in there as you have one house for sale and that would make sense to your buyers but look at how the above script was written… It was written to get a callback! Had I put the address in there (Which we could have) it would get fewer calls because the person would do their research on the property before they would call you. Either way, it will work, but you need to know this upfront so you know the purpose of your ringless voicemail. Do you want to drive for more calls or not? That’s what you need to ask yourself.


Secret 3: What’s the purpose of your RVM? An announcement or call back?

Above in secret 2, I actually gave you an example of leaving a ringless voicemail for an announcement and a callback.


If you’re sending an RVM to a list of motivated sellers your purpose is almost always to get a callback from the seller. With the purpose to get a callback, you will always want to be more vague in your messaging. Meaning, you shouldn’t say your full name so just stick with your first name. Too much info and getting into your backstory that you’re a Real Estate Investor with all cash, can close on their timeline, no realtor commissions, as-is blah blah blah won’t work in these if you’re trying to get a bunch of people to return your call. Stick straight to the point and don’t give out too much info and you will be very happy with the results!


If you’re sending an RVM to your buyer’s list for a property that you’re trying to sell the same rules will apply but you can give out more info than doing this with a list of motivated sellers. You can/should say your full name as that’s probably what your buyer’s list will recognize most anyways. It’s your call on if you want to put your price and address in this message just know that the more info that you give, the fewer calls you will get back.


Secret 4: Use them for a marketing boost (Especially in follow up)

A ringless voicemail can REALLY boost your marketing when you time this perfectly and use them to follow up on other marketing pieces. Obviously, you can/should use these to “cold call” for you but you will love the results when you see what they will do to boost your other marketing pieces.


Check this out…


Direct mail gets a measly 1% response rate. You have to send out 1,000 pieces just to get 10 callbacks and that’s if your direct mail is performing well.


If you use ringless voicemail technology to follow up on your direct mail pieces it will almost instantly boost your overall response rate to 8-12%.


This means that if you send out 1,000 pieces of direct mail, again you will get around 10 calls from that. If you follow up with an RVM about 10 days later to all the people that never responded to your mail piece you will now have anywhere between 80-120 calls. Those are real numbers so you must keep in mind that more is not always better. If you’re going to be building out a full marketing pipeline for your motivated sellers using Systemate you won’t want to market to 1,000 sellers unless you have a huge team and can handle the call volume that it will deliver. Most of our users will market to 200-400 sellers max because of how powerful it really is.


Check out the difference in the cost by being able to send fewer pieces of direct mail pieces and getting more calls rather than sending out the 1,000 direct mail pieces as I mentioned above.


Sending out 1,000 pieces of direct mail with no ringless voicemail following it.


1,000 postcards = $700
Results at 1% = 10 calls


Sending out 400 pieces of direct mail with ringless voicemail following it.


400 postcards = $280
Results at 10% = 40 calls


The numbers speak for themselves so decide which one you want to get.


Your messaging in your ringless voicemail, after you sent a direct mail piece can be simple too.


“Hey this is John, and I just wanted to see if you got that bright yellow card that I sent you in the mail the other day. Hey give me a callback, I need to talk to you about it!”


Secret 5: Local numbers will always convert higher

In order to be able to send an RVM, you will have to use a special number. We call these lead capture numbers inside of Systemate, and they will be forwarded anywhere you want when someone dials them. When picking your number you need to put thought into this. You always want to call using a local number to the house. Keep in mind that these numbers are going to show on the caller id in the voicemail box so if you want to convert high on all of your marketing you will want to always use a local number to the house.


If you live in Cincinnati but investing in Nashville, you’ll want to use a Nashville area code in your marketing.


If you live in Cincinnati, investing in Cincinnati but you’re marketing to out-of-state absentee owners you should use a Cincinnati area code in your marketing. Always local to the house NOT the lead will get you the best response.


Those are the 5 key secrets to making your ringless voicemails work (almost too good)


Systemate is the #1 technology for Real Estate Investors in 2021! Built by Real Estate Investors, for Real Estate Investors!

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